Poster presentation


Topic A

Medical Biotechnology and Biochip/Biosensor

PA-1 PARK, Jung-Keug Effect of mangosteen and non-invasive physical stimulation on melanogenesis
PA-2 OKA, Atsushi Transcutaneous immunotherapy of Japanese ceder pollinosis with CpG as an adjuvant
PA-3 MIURA, Daisuke Small antibody approach for siRNA delivery
PA-4 WEI, Wei Biomimetically engineered demi-bacteria potentiate vaccination against cancer
PA-5 KAGAWA, Genki Functionalization of redox-responsive hydrogel as a scaffold for the fab-rication of cellular sheets
PA-6 KOZAKI, Ikko Development of a screening system for intracellular functional peptides using both peptide arrays and cell penetrating peptides
PA-7 MA, Guanghui Uniform chitosan nanogel with high pH sensitivity as a vaccine adjuvant
PA-8 FRANK, Jana Addition of Aphidicolin during transfection increases transfection efficiency and recombinant protein expression in Chinese hamster ovary DG44 cell line
PA-9 KANIE, Kei Quantification of cell culture technique by moving particle simulation for stabilization of cellular quality control
PA-10 XIA, Yufei Integration of emulsion and particulate adjuvant as pliable particulate antigen delivery system for enhanced vaccination
PA-11 FAN, Daidi Effects of ginsenoside Rk3 on MCF-7 human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells
PA-12 KINOSHITA, Keita Fabrication of perfusable, pressure-applicable vascular tissue models using PDMS channels embedding barium salt particles
PA-13 SU, Pei-Wei Preparation of poly(HEMA-co-MAA) by photo-initiated polymerization and its applications in biomaterials
PA-14 KONG, Qingliang Development of Transcutaneous Pollinosis Immunotherapy by Solid-in-Oil technology
PA-15 KONO, Hidetoshi Development of transcutaneous cancer vaccine by Solid-in-Oil technology
PA-16 LEE, Shiow-Ling Protective effect of Mimosa pudica extracts on UVB-induced damage in human dermal fibroblasts
PA-17 SAKURAGI, Masato Transcutaneous cancer vaccine for the prevention of melanoma by Solid-in-Oil technique
PA-18 YAMADA, Masumi Microfabricated hydrogel sheets for guidance and quantitative evaluation of cancer cell invasion
PA-19 LI, Weina Novel biocompatible, biodegradable, covalently crosslinked hydrogel based on carboxyl-pullulan/HLC for tissue filling
PA-20 KHANMOHAMMADI, Mehdi Enzymatic immobilization of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid in gelatin hydrogel: a strategy to promote endothelial cell migration
PA-21 RAZI, Muhamad Alif Caseinate-chitosan nanoassembly for delivery of curcumin
PA-22 NGUYEN, Minh Thi Hong Transcutaneous peptide immunotherapy of cow’s milk allergy using Solid-in-Oil dispersion
PA-23 HOU, Shao-Yi Detection of reactive oxygen species using gold nanoparticles
PA-24 KIKUCHI, Sayaka Saturation mutagenesis cycle combined with library design
PA-25 OHTA, Seiichi Dynamic nanoparticle assemblies for biomedical applications
PA-26 SUGIURA, Shinji Development of a pneumatic pressure-driven multi-throughput multi-organs-on-a-chip
PA-27 HUANG, Wei-Shun Evaluation of encapsulating different inorganic nanoparticles in polyethylene glycol (PEG)-peptide hydrogel for bone tissue regeneration
PA-28 KOIDE, Shizuyo Bioreactor cultivation of recombinant CHO cells expressing trehalose transporter Tret1
PA-29 NAITO, Shono Formation of spheroids by encapsulating cells in enzymatically prepared redox-responsive hydrogels
PA-30 DANJO, So Autoclavable chitosan cryogel for wound care
PA-31 KIM, Tae-Hyung Hybrid nanoparticle-incorporated matrigel to enhance sensitivity of human embryonic stem cell chip
PA-32 SUZUKI, Takahiro Biodistribution of titanium peroxide nanoparticles in xenograft mouse for novel radiation therapy
PA-33 SAI, Takuma Comparison of expressed yield of recombinant antibody encoded with different synonymous codons
PA-34 MIYAKI, Tatsuki Design of fusion protein for SPR biosensor using various antibodies and ZnO-binding VHH
PA-35 NIIDE, Teppei Bottom-up formation of nanoporous membrane from nanoparticles via anti-inorganic antibody
PA-36 LIU, Yang A cell-sheet extension system for microscopic observation of cellular mechanosensing in individual living cells
PA-37 NAKAGAWA, Yoshiyuki Totally synthetic hydrogels cross-linked with metallic ions
PA-38 MITSUYOSHI, Yuma Characterization and application of fluorescence-lipids as a trackable probe
PA-39 MURATA, Yusuke Relationship between formation of self-assembled aggregates and encapsulation efficiency based on formation-dependent properties
PA-40 YANAGI, Yusuke Capillary-like network fabricated using “cotton candy”-like gelatin microfibers
PA-41 YAJIMA, Yuya One-step formation of 3D tissue constructs via bottom-up approach using collagen microparticles as scaffolds
PA-42 HIGASHI, Kotaro Supramolecular crosslinked hydrogel for ultrasound-responsive protein release
PA-43 TAKAGI, Risa Photo-responsive microgel array for image-based cell sorting
PA-44 MIZUMOTO, Hiroshi A three-dimensional culture using hollow fibers for large scale expansion of pluripotent stem cells
PA-45 ENKHTUUL, Gantumur Cell encapsulation in microparticles by inkjetting and enzymatic cross-linking
PA-46 IMANAKA, Hiroyuki Investigations of Biomolecular Interaction Detection System utilizing Proteinaceous Cushion
PA-47 MISAWA, Ryuji Development of novel light responsive PEG lipid for mulple cell types patterning and cell recovery
PA-48 ZHU, Chenhui Preparation and process optimization of a novel thiolated human-like collagen iron complex
PA-49 JANG, Mi-Kyeong Enhanced antibacterial effect of norfloxacin using isosorbide obtained from biomass
PA-50 HOW, Su-Chun Mono and dual responsive degradable micelles for intracellular anticancer drug delivery

Topic B

Bioenergy, Biorefinery, and Environmental Biotechnology

PB-1 KIM, Sung-Koo Evaluation of hyper thermal acid hydrolysis of Kappaphycus alvarezii for enhanced bioethanol production
PB-2 ZHENG, Yanmei Application of artificial neural networks for modeling of biogas production and COD/NH4+-N concentrations after anaerobic digestion with different co-substrates
PB-3 DAIYASU, Akira Green technology for agriculture: development of CO2 and nitrogen oxide recycling system supported by NOx removing technique
PB-4 LIU, Bing-Lan Synthesis and formulated applications of Spodoptera litura sex pheromone
PB-5 ZHANG, Wenming Improving glycerol utilization for high yield succinate synthesis in microbial fuel cell
PB-6 KAWASHIMA, Hiroki Design of one-dimensional cellulase assembly and the evaluation of synergistic action
PB-7 LIU, Gang Distributing pretreatment operation for establishment of sustainable biomass supply system for super large-scale biorefinery plant
PB-8 ZHOU, Ping-Ping High titer citric acid fermentation by industrial Aspergillus niger strain using dry dilute acid pretreated and biodetoxified corn stover feedstock
PB-9 JIA, Lili Functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles with protein polymer
PB-10 SHAO, Shuai Reducing reactor erosion of pretreatment operation by dry dilute acid pretreatment (DDAP) of lignocellulose biomass
PB-11 QIU, Zhongyang Constructing xylose uptake pathway in Pedioccoccus acidilactici for high titer D-lactic acid fermentation from corn stover
PB-12 YAMADA, Ryosuke Acceleration of glycolysis by novel global metabolic engineering in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
PB-13 CHU, Libing Biological denitrification using biodegradable polymer PBS as carbon source to remove nitrate from groundwater and analysis of bacterial community
PB-14 KONG, Xiangping Biobutanol production from sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate generated with the assistance of gamma-valerolactone
PB-15 ARAKAWA, Tomoko Novel yeast strain well-growing in corn cob hydrolysate
PB-16 CHANG, Jo-Shu Microalgae as feedstock for fine chemicals production
PB-17 TSAI, Shen-Long Nanobiocatalysts for organophosphorus pesticide degradation
PB-18 RISANTO, Lucky Dilute maleic acid pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse for enhancement of enzymatic digestibility
PB-19 WANG, Hsiang-Yu Screening nutrition components for microalgae to produce valuable metabolites using micro-reactors
PB-20 WU, Meng-Ying Modulation of gene network using CRISPR and CRISPRi for 1, 4-butanediol production
PB-21 FERO, Ariobetha Juanssil Single cell oil production from oleaginous yeast Lipomyces starkeyi Ls-D35
PB-22 SUNWOO, InYoung Utilization of waste seaweed from Gwangalli, Busan as biomass for ethanol production
PB-23 KIM, Jin-Woo Optimization of hot-water extraction parameters for polyphenol extraction from Tetraselmis KCTC 12236BP
PB-24 MORI, Yutaro Rational Design of engineered cytochrome P450 for the nitrile biosynthesis
PB-25 LI, Qingyun Effect of adsorption on the cyanide degradation by immobilized cells
PB-26 ZHANG, Xu The correlation between cellulose allomorphs (I and II) and conversion after removal of hemicellulose and lignin of lignocellulose
PB-27 XIAO, Gang Molecular imprinted chitosan/TiO2 composite for trace pollutants removal from wastewater
PB-28 SASAKURA, Naoya L-lactate production from starch by Aspergillus oryzae which deleted genes related to pyruvate metabolism
PB-29 WU, Zhiyi Mono-dispersed Pd nanoparticles supported on Mg-Al mixed metal oxides: facile and controllable synthesis
PB-30 SU, Haijia Performance of aerobic granular sludge in a sequencing batch bioreactor for food wastewater treatment
PB-31 WANG, Zhaoshou Isolation and degradative activity of a bensulfuron-methly-degrading bacteria strain TFM1 from mangrove soils
PB-32 OKANO, Kenji Production of optically pure ᴅ-lactic acid from renewable resources
PB-33 CHOI, Hyung-Kyoon Lipidomic profiling of two Dunaliella tertiolecta strains with various culture conditions

Topic C

Applied Microbiology, Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics

PC-1 KIM, Yong-Guy Essential oils inhibit biofilm formation and the virulence of Escherichia coli O157:H7
PC-2 CHUNG, Min-Chih Preparation and characterization of graphene-amyloid fibrils hybrid nanomaterials
PC-3 ARIYANTI, Dwi Complementary chromatic acclimation (CCA) in marine cyanobacteria Synechococcus sp. PCC 7335 (ATCC 24903)
PC-4 NAGATA, Madoka Development of systems for homologous recombination in marine cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. NKBG15041c
PC-5 LEE, Sang-Woo CRISPRi-mediated glycolytic flux modulation for N-acetylglucosamine production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
PC-6 NAKATANI, Hajime Integration of the bacterial immobilization and surface display by a bacterial surface fiber protein
PC-7 JHENG, Cheng-Ping The binding constants of small RNA to the target mRNA determine by molecular dynamics simulation to explain the synthetic regulatory circuits in Escherichia coli
PC-8 MA, Hongwu Engineering Escherichia coli for P3HB production guided by genome-scale metabolic network analysis
PC-9 PATHAK, NISHIT LEA peptide based on Group 3 P. Vanderplanki Larvae LEA protein show enhanced resistance to salt, heat and cold stress
PC-10 CUI, Lan-Yu Medium redesign for stable cultivation and high production of mevalonate by recombinant Methtylobacterium extorquens AM1 with mevalonate synthetic pathway
PC-11 LUO, Shi-Zhong Localization, dimerization and configuration of amyloid precursor proteins regulated by lipid raft in molecular details
PC-12 UKEBA, Shota Diversity of sesquiterpene synthase from the white-rot basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium
PC-13 LIU, Hongjuan Enhanced lipid production with a two-stage fermentation strategy by Rhodotorula glutinis
PC-14 LING, Xueping Proteomic analysis of astaxanthin biosynthesis in Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous in response to low carbon levels

Topic D

Enzyme, Food Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Biophysics and Others

PD-1 SHIMOHIRA, Takehiko Preparation and functions of regiospecific sulfated polyphenols
PD-2 YU, You-Jin Heterologous expression of acidophilic multicopper oxidase from Proteus hauseri ZMd44 and characteristic of gold adsorption
PD-3 RODRIGUEZ, Czarina Dominique Formulation and evaluation of surface-coated nanocarrier for etoposide
PD-4 KAO, Chen-Yu Anti-tumor effect of magnolol nano- and micro- particles on human oral cancer cells
PD-5 NAKAZAWA, Hikaru Biomass-binding peptides designed by molecular evolution for efficient degradation of cellulose in biomass by cellulase.
PD-6 KUAN, I-Ching Enzymatic production of 4-methylthio-2-oxobutyric acid using Trigonopsis variabilis D-amino acid oxidase immobilized on polydopamine-coated magnetic nanoparticles
PD-7 TAKAHARA, Mari DNA-enzyme conjugate for a novel artificial cellulase
PD-8 KIM, Hyun Woo Evaluation of a newly developed single-use cell culture system driven by multi-directional rocking movement
PD-9 SAWADA, Ren Development of high-performance impeller for bioreactor to mass culture of aerobic microorganisms
PD-10 PARK, Seo Hyun Evaluation and optimization of the current pH buffering system in animal cell culture medium using HEPES and sodium bicarbonate
PD-11 HARDININGTYAS, Safrina Dyah Solubilization and characterization of phycocyanin in nonaqueous milieu using a solid-in-oil nanodispersion
PD-12 HWANG, Yun Tae Effects of modified signal peptide on recombinant interferon-beta secretion from animal cells
PD-13 FUKUI, Shinsuke Effects of anticancer drug against to K562 cell supported by stromal cells in three-dimensional culture system
PD-14 ZHANG, Songping Coenzyme regeneration in bio-conversion of CO2 to methanol through exploration of artificial photosynthesis
PD-15 CHANG, Yu-Kaung Enhancement of C-phycocyanin purity by chitosan nanofiber membrane
PD-16 FUSE, Saori Green-light-regulated gene expression in a Synechocystis Olive strain, a cyanobacterial strain with reduced light-harvesting antenna
PD-17 CHEN, Kuan-Jung ATCUN-fused dispersin B and lysostaphin for antibiofilm activity enhancement
PD-18 TANINO, Takanori HV-PEF sterilization using carbon electrode
PD-19 DING, Fangyu Enzymatic synthesis of p-hydroxybenzyl alcohol glycoside and vanillyl alcohol glycoside
PD-20 MATSUZAKI, Takashi Design of active microbial transglutaminase without proteolytic processing
PD-21 LI, Zenglan Dual-IEC as an efficient strategy for protein purification: a case study for application on pertactin from Bordetella pertussis
PD-22 TSUKAZAKI, Yuji A design of artificial cellulosome using the Cohesin-Dockerin interaction
PD-23 LI, Qi Evaluation of adjunct factors blocking high-adjunct-ratio wort separation in the high-gravity beer brewing process
PD-24 YOSHIMOTO, Makoto Shear sensitivity of liposomes mimicking biological membranes
PD-25 MOU, Duen Gang A portable oxygen gas sensor and monitoring program to aid high throughput and industrial fermentation
PD-26 IRIKURA, Chinami Adsorption behavior of proteins on quaternary ammonium cellulose aerogel
PD-27 WANG, Dong The synthetic activity conversion of Rhizopus chinensis lipase by refolding in a membrane mimicking environment in vitro
PD-28 SUZUKI, Shota Enhanced water dispersibility of curcumin by the complexation with casein hydrolysates prepared using different enzymes
PD-29 GONG, Fangling Preparation of high performance flawless white day-cream
PD-30 YU, Kun-Hua The effect of octapeptide repeats on the prion folding and misfolding
PD-31 YAMASHITA, Soshi Water dispersibility of the complexes between paclitaxel and peptide mixture prepared from different proteins
PD-32 HUANG, Yongdong A dramatic enhancement of binding performance by dextran-grafting to Protein A chromatographic media
PD-33 FANG, Bai-Shan Optimization for improving the production of L-tert-leucine
PD-34 OUE, Taishi Preparation of water dispersible of coenzyme Q10 by complexation with digested peptides via kneading
PD-35 WANG, Cheng-Hua Enhanced catalytic properties of novel (αβγ)2 heterohexameric Rhodobacter capsulatus xanthine dehydrogenase by separate expression of the redox domains in Escherichia coli
PD-36 CHIU, Chien-Chih The antagonistic effect of phthalates on camptothecin (CPT)-induced anti-proliferation and apoptosis of human breast cancer cells is through modulating intracellular reactive oxygen species
PD-37 HIRAMURE, Yui Preparation of cryogel containing liposomes and its characteristic of Tryptophan adsorption
PD-38 PACK, Seung Pil Chimeric protein of internally duplicated carbonic anhydrase
PD-39 LI, Wan-Hua Production of virus-like particles of different enterovirus serotypes by a high-yield recombinant baculovirus construct
PD-40 WU, Josephine W. Examining the structural stability of human gD-Crystallin protein associated with cataract