Instruction for Presenters

For Oral Session Speakers

Presentation time

17 minutes (12 min. for presentation and 5 min. disscussion)



Only LCD projectors will be available.

One digital projection system will be available for single projection of presetntation.



All speakers are requested to bringing their own laptop computer for their presentations.

All speakers are also requested to bring a copy of their presentation data in USB flash memory in case unexpencted problem.


Power is on 100 V, 60 Hz. The plug type is type A with two flat blades without ground pin.

A standard D-Sub 15 pin connector is used to connect the PC with the LCD projector. In the case of Macintosh or other lightweight PCs withot build-in ports, please bring an appropriate adapter to connect your computer.


For Poster Session Speakers

<Poster size>

The poster will be mounted on a panel of 90 cm (width) x 150 cm (hight).

A0 size poster will be avairable for presentation.


Posters can be mounted from 8:00 on 28 th, Oct.