Check-in & out time for accommodation have been informed. Please check below, thank you.


Individually standing cottages hiding in the black pine grove have an atmosphere of a private resort. The 14-wing, 72-room resort cottage complex includes some free-standing little houses and group lodging units. It maintain an atmosphere of a private resort with all the equipment you need for your stay.

4-6 participants share a room during the symposium. YABEC Japan organizing committee strongly appreciates all the participants to share the room. If you need special arrangements, extra fee will be charged. Please contact first the regional YABEC committee in case.



Check-in and check-out time

Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort:   Check-in / 14:00, Check-out / 11:00

Cottage Himuka:                                Check-in / 15:00, Check out / 12:00

Luxze Hitotsuba:                                Check-in / 15:00, Check out / 12:00