About the symposium

A New Form of Young Asian Biological Engineers’ Networking

Young Asian Biological Engineers’ Community (formerly, Young Asian ” Biochemical ” Engineers’ Community), is originally an international organization whose members are young biochemical engineering professionals and scholars from Asian regions including China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. By the emerging research interests in biotechnology and bioprocess engineering field, our community has come to enjoy diverse aspects of biological R & D, and now we have decided to gather in the name of ” biological engineering ” since 2016 symposium.

In this year, online YABEC symposium will be held on 19 ~ 20 th, November, 2021, offering the opportunity to present the latest results in research and to exchange ideas in all aspects of biotechnology and bioprocess engineering. Please join us and enjoy the liberal and friendly atmosphere of the YABEC symposium.

General outline of YABEC 2021

Region : Japan
Date : 19th (Fri)~20th (Sat) November, 2021
Place : Zoom meeting
Registration :All participants are invited to submit a one-page abstract and registration form, available from links below. To attend YABEC2021 , please contact first your regional delegate by 30 Sept 2021 with the registration form. Participants in each region are asked to register via AFOB Registration System. Please click Flayer

Forms :

  1. Abstract form (fill presenter’s name in parentheses) : (Your_Fullname)_21YABEC-AbstractForm.docx

  2. Registration form (fill name in parentheses) : (Your_Fullname)_21YABEC-RegistrationForm.docx

Conference fee (For Japanese participants, see detail in the linked page.) :
 Student: 30 USD
YABECian (young participant below age 50): 50 USD
OABECian (senior participant over age 51): 50 USD

International Advisory Board (Regional delegates) :
Professor   Haijia Su
Regional delegate of China
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
E-mail : suhj(atmark)mail.buct.edu.cn

        Professor Jonghoon Choi
Regional delegate of Korea
Chung-Ang University
E-mail : jonghoonc(atmark)gmail.com

Professor   I-Son Ng
Regional delegate of Taiwan
National Cheng Kung University
E-mail : yswu(atmark)mail.ncku.edu.tw

YABEC 2021 Organizing Committee :
Chiaki Ogino
Regional delegate of Japan
Kobe University

Vice chair
Masaaki Konishi
Kitami Institute of Technology

Secretary General
Hiroyuki Imanaka
Okayama University

Member (In the order of location from North to South)
Kazunori NAKASHIMA, Hokkaido University
Hikaru NAKAZAWA, Tohoku University
Masumi YAMADA, Chiba University
Kazuaki NINOMIYA, Kanazawa University
Kiyotaka HARA, Shizuoka University
Ryouji KATO, Nagoya University
Kazunori SHIMIZU, Nagoya University
Masahito ISHIKAWA, Nagoya University
Takaaki KOJIMA, Nagoya University
Kei KANIE, Nagoya University
Hirokazu AKIYAMA, Nagoya University
Yoichi KUMADA, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Kenji OKANO, Osaka Univeristy
Takeshi OMASA, Osaka Univeristy
Shinji SAKAI, Osaka University
Ryosuke YAMADA, Osaka Prefecture University
Masahiro YASUDA, Osaka Prefecture University
Takuya MATSUMOTO, Osaka Prefecture University
Tomohisa KATSUDA, Kobe University
Tsutomu TANAKA, Kobe University
Takahisa TAJIMA, Hiroshima University
Makoto YOSHIMOTO, Yamaguchi Univeristy
Noriho KAMIYA, Kyushu University
Kousuke MINAMIHATA, Kyushu University
Yoshihiro IZUMI, Kyushu University


YABEC Japan Office
E-mail : yabec21(atmark)yabec-jp.org

Past symposiums (Linked pages are information for Japan region)