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YABEC 2008

The 14th Symposium of Young Asian Biochemical Engineers' Community

November 29 - December 1, 2008, Tokyo, Japan
Shibaura Institute of Technology, Toyosu Campus

YABEC is an international organization whose members are young biochemical engineering professionals and scholars from Asian regions including China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The YABEC symposium offers biochemical engineers the opportunity to present their latest results in research and exchange ideas in all aspects of biochemical engineering


YABEC 2008 was successfully finished. The organizing committee thanks for all participants.
YABEC 2009 will be held at Urumqi in China on August 7 to 9, 2009. See you again there!

Participants from China

Participants from Taiwan

Participants from Korea

Participants from Japan

Congratulations to the poster award winners:

Kim, Jeong-Dong (Inha University)
Management of harmful algal blooms using potentially alga-lytic marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis AFMB-08041 strongly associated with the toxic dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum

Yamada, Ryosuke (Kobe University)
Efficient ethanol production from raw starch by -integrant polyploid fusants

Park, Joon-Young (Osaka University)
Analysis of the structure of the Dhfr gene-amplified chromosomal region in CHO DR1000L-4N cell line

Chang, Wen-Te (China Medical University)
Efficient production of catalpol in Rehmannia glutinosa hairy root culture with adsorbents

Hwang, Sang Youn (Hanyang University)
Preparation and characterization of biofunctionalized liposome for active breast cancer cell targeting

Ren, Lujing (Nanjing University of Technology)
Analysis and regulation of NADPH supply system on docosahexaenois acid fermentation by Crypthecodinium cohnii

Wang, Zheng (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)
High cell density fermentation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for selenium-enriched yeast production

Hung, Chih-Hsin (I-Shou University)
Optimal conditions for Edwardsiella tarda lytic phage infection and preservation


Congratulations to the YABEC award winners:

Prof. Tan Tianwei (Beijing University of Chemical Technology)

Prof. Wu Jau-Yann ( I-Shou University)

Prof. Park Jung-Keug (Dongguk University)

Prof. Terashima Masaaki (Kobe College)

Organizing committee

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Chiba University
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